Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Been Away Much?

Okay, so 2 months is a bit of a hiatus. Especially when every blog post (that actually made it on here) refers to "getting it together" and "posting more often". Whoops! sorry about that. I have been. . . . .busy. Lame excuse I know, but I don't have any other. I have managed to write bits I want to post about, they just happen to be on to do lists, napkins, work computer word documents, etc. Also I have been posting on twitter! So at lease I have been doing some blogging, even if it is "micro" (way to make me feel small!).

However, I am dropping in here because I have heard so much, 'you never post anymore!', and I don't. I feel bad about it. Not bad in the malaise sense, but bad because I know I am better than that and dammit this is something I enjoy!

I will spare you a recap of the last two months, if I ever manage to back post other writings, that should sum all of those exploits up for you all.

But the point: Have a happy holiday! The most wonderful time of the year technically starts tomorrow, and I can't wait! I grew up with the most wonderful Holiday experience and it has most definitely rubbed off on me. I remember going to Hudson's as a child with my grandfather. Grandpa loved shopping and Christmas above all else. We would go see Santa, and then wander around looking at all of the holiday ornaments and decorations on the top floor of the Twelve Oaks Hudson's. I can still remember how it smelled! My mom is as into the season as my grandfather was. I can expect to be spending a great deal of Black Friday and Saturday helping to deck her halls. This is rewarding work, even if I won't get to see it again until Christmas eve :(

The biggest different this year, is that I will have my own halls to deck. Because I no longer live in the shoe closet, and have in fact moved it on up, I can have a tree, a wreath, some stockings, garland, maybe even some lights! I am feeling especially lucky, because my mother is letting me take a substantial amount of my grandfather's Christmas items. When we cleaned out his house after he died, it was very difficult to decide what should stay and what should go. Because I was only 14 at the time, I regret some of the things I let go. However, I did have the presence of mind to demand all of this holiday stuff. After 10 years of chilling in boxes in mom's basement, all of it will be restored to its former grandeur and displayed upon my lovely (crummy, crumbly) vintage walls. I am almost as excited about this as I am about going home and stuffing myself full of food. Not that I don't stuff myself everytime I am in the southeastern region of Michigan, but come on, its Thanksgiving!

Speaking of Turkey day, this year I have decided that I need some new traditions. Namely, I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my dad this year. Every year, Mom gets Christmas and Dad gets Thanksgiving and Easter. But this year, I don't think dad is getting anything, as he is not showing an interest. I know we all get busy (boy, don't I! look at the state of this blog!), but he has yet to return my calls regarding Holiday itineraries. SO, this particular gathering holiday is going to be about gathering with my friends and my mother. We will see how this sticks in the coming years.

Best Turkey Day wishes to everyone! Don't drink too much tonight (I, for one am going to try not to!), don't eat so much your pants won't button, and watch out for those shopper stampedes on Friday.


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